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A collaborative and transparent online ecosystem that bridges the gap between NGA and solution providers.

About this Community

GEOINT Solutions Marketplace (GSM) is an open and inclusive online exchange to enable the community of users and solution providers to connect, collaborate and enhance the GEOINT mission. It is a repository for information about the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) mission, vision and strategy, user’s needs and challenges, GEOINT solutions, industry capabilities and trends and R&D. It is an interactive environment for the NGA and industry to gather new ideas, increase interaction, and collaborate on new technologies. 

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GSM Benefits:

Benefits to NGA     Benefits to Innovators
  • Enhanced access to broader community of innovators, ideas and solutions.
  • Increased awareness of trending capabilities and technologies.
  • Reduced timelines with working solutions.
  • Increased chance of more seamless interoperability.
  • Improved relevance of systemic capabilities, services and solutions.
  • Improved customer-NGA engagement, collaboration and cooperation.
  • Reduced risk-of-adoption.
  • Access to defined interest areas and NGA Government Points of Contact.
  • Current and enhanced awareness of NGA objectives, interests and pursuits.
  • A potential to shape more open, innovative,
    effective working relationships with NGA and other GSM participants.
  • Ability to collaboratively research and discuss innovative capabilities with NGA.
  • Potential for risk reduction Co-creation and
    collaboration potentially reduces the risk of
    adoption and enhance opportunity and relevance

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Please do not submit proprietary solutions under the 'Capabilities Catalog' tab.  Anything submitted under this tab will be public and viewable to everyone visiting this website.  Solutions submitted against a ''Problem' will only be seen by NGA.

NOTE: The information provided is to seek sources and ideas with respect to understanding what is available in industry and gathering ideas for potentially developing requirements. In the case where a capability currently exists, please describe the capability and what interest area(s) it would be of benefit. 

Respondents should be advised that this is a request for information only. It is NGA’s intent to perform market research and additional requests for information may be posted. In accordance with FAR 52.215-3
, the government will not pay for any information, items submitted and data will not be returned. This shall not be construed as a contract or a promise to contract or a commitment of any kind.


GSM Members can connect and collaborate to enhance the GEOINT mission. Explore the Members directory and discover opportunities to work together.